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The Wild

The Wild

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Publication Date: February 27th, 2024
Doubleday Books for Young Readers
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This curious tale personifies earth as a living being resembling a coyote — first appreciated by the people who live on it, and then has too much taken from it until it is sick. A tale of child activism that offers a hopeful ending.

Jess Iverson, Booked, Evanston, IL
March/April 2024 Kids' Indie Next List


An exquisitely illustrated modern fable about protecting our planet, in which Earth is imagined as a beautiful, precious, and vulnerable creature called the Wild. From the author-illustrator of The Tree That's Meant to Be.

Once upon a time, somewhere not far away, was the Wild. The Wild was huge and giving, and everything from insects to birds to humans made their home in it. At first, people lived lightly and took only what they needed, but when they started to take more, the Wild suffered. But one day, a young child is brave enough to raise their voice . . .

In this environmental story told as a fairy tale, author-illustrator Yuval Zommer shares a hopeful and powerful message of healing, well-being, and humanity's precious and precarious relationship with nature.

The magical artwork and sensitively told story will help families have meaningful conversations with young children about the urgency to protect Earth.

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About the Author

YUVAL ZOMMER graduated from London's Royal College of Art with an MA in illustration. He worked as a creative director at many leading advertising agencies until his passion for picture books won out. He is now the author and illustrator of numerous highly acclaimed children's books, including The Tree That's Meant to Be, A Thing Called Snow, The Lights That Dance In the Night, and the Big Book series. See more of his work on Instagram and Twitter at @yuvalzommer.

Praise for The Wild

"A sweetly told tale." —Kirkus Reviews

"[The] artwork wows with its creaturely personification of the titular scape as a greenery-covered beast who 'stretched from the shallow shore to the deep ocean' and 'always wanted to give.'"—Publishers Weekly