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Enspelled: Crescent City Creatures Book 3

Enspelled: Crescent City Creatures Book 3

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Publication Date: March 28th, 2016
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With no one else to help her, Briony DuBois made a deal with a criminal. Well, a newly freed convict who now holds her future in his hands. Sebastian Anderson only wants to grow his business, Full Moon Brewery, and take care of his changing werewolf pack. But when a witch asked him for help, he never forgot the promise he made her, nor the strange draw he felt toward her. That promise turns his life upside down, and may be the only way to save not only Briony, but everyone else he cares about. Will a team of united creatures be enough to defeat the powerful force that threatens them all?

About the Author

Samantha Stone is a twenty-something graduate student studying speech-language pathology in Alabama. She's proficient in French and Signing Exact English, and considers New Orleans the home of her heart. Most days you can find her doing speech- related research, chasing her creatures around New Orleans (in her head), or curled up with a good book. She's convinced her dog is a coyote and that her boyfriend might have a little werewolf in him.