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Educator and School Discounts

Every time an educator purchases a book it ultimately benefits their students. Therefore we offer a 10% discount on every full priced book to educators every day of the year. River Lights offers a 20% to 30% discount to schools placing orders plus a 7% tax exemption. 

Our staff has been working with schools for more than two decades. We focus on getting the books you need for your classroom at the best possible price. We understand you often need a cost estimate before ordering. It’s very helpful if you can supply the following information:

  • Title of book & author
  • Number of copies needed,
  • Preference for hardcover or paperback
  • If a particular edition is needed (the ISBN is useful in this case). 
  • Your due date for needing materials

If you do not state a preference, we will try to fill you order in the most cost-efficient way possible. 

Three ways to order:

If your school/district pays by credit card we will decrease the discount by 3% to cover the cost of credit card processing fees. 

Book Fairs

River Lights offers In-School, In-Store, and Online Book Fair Fundraisers for your school! You receive 20% of sales based on the total of orders collected. 

In-School Book Fair:

We work work with you on the titles for your bookfair, order the books, and organize the stock to have ready for pick up. Unfortunately, we do not transfer the books to the school or run the bookfair. After the fair, return the books to us and we'll take care of the books that are left. 

In-Store Book Fair:

No event to run. No collecting, receiving, sorting, or distributing. Everyone is invited to shop at River Lights Bookstore during a specified time period to raise money for your school or organization. All purchase made by customers who are affiliated with your organization are recorded and 20% of the sales are given back to your organization.

Online Book Fair:

Just give everyone a code, the web address, and a polite nudge. We provide you with a custom flyer and/or email for you to distribute which includes a code that designates buyers as a part of your fundraiser. Participants just log in to our website, shop for books, and place orders. All purchase made by customers who are affiliated with your organization are recorded and 20% of the sales are given back to your organization.

Author Events

Have an author visiting your school and want students to have a book of their own? We will create an order form of titles for you to hand out to students for orders prior to the author visit. The students will be able to have the author sign it at the event.

Class Visits

We love having classes visit the store for an event or... just because!!

Book Talks

Want to get your students revved-up for reading? Curious about the latest books for your grade level? We love visiting schools to talk about books. Email us at to find out how to set up a Book Talk visit to your class or school.


We offer Scrip in $5 certificates at a 5% discount to schools and non-profits. Scrip may only be used to pay for full priced merchandise.