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Kevin Koch
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The Driftless Land, a collection of essays by Kevin Koch, is a search for the spirit of place among the bluffs, woodlands, and prairies of the Upper Mississippi River valley. The Midwest is commonly known for its flatlands, for oceans of corn pressing towards the horizon beneath a big sky. Lesser kn ... Read More about
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Kevin Koch
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In Irish Celtic lore, ""thin places"" are those locales where the veil between this world and the otherworld is porous, where there is mystery in the landscape. The earth takes on the hue of the sacred among peoples whose connection to place has remained unbroken through the ages. What happens, then ... Read More about
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Kathleen Weber
Current price: $16.99
In Walking Home, Kathleen shares what she has learned about resilience and moving forward by putting one foot in front of the other as she walked in 50 states. ... Read More about
Stacy Berning-Bowman
Current price: $9.99
Love makes a family, no matter where you start. Whether you are born into one or "Chosen from the Heart." ... Read More about
Kate Klaver
Current price: $15.99
WHEN MY SECRETS FINALLY BROKE, many encourage me to write a book. I hadn’t thought my life had nosedived to that extent. Looking back, I hadn’t realized just how out of control my marriage had gotten. In efforts to help others understand and comprehend domestic violence, I’m sharing my story with so ... Read More about
Katherine Fischer
Current price: $22.95
Offering a fresh perspective on the river’s environment, industry, and recreation, Dreaming the Mississippi challenges old stereotypes through the experiences of modern Americans who work the barges, rope-swing into muddy bottoms, struggle against hurricane floodwaters, and otherwise find new meanin ... Read More about
It's always difficult for a child to tell her parents she is gay, regardless of how liberal or conservative her family might be. When the daughter is part of a devout Catholic family living in a small rural community, the parent-child relationship is exposed to even greater risk, often beyond repair ... Read More about
Tom McKay
Current price: $12.00
How long does a high school crush last? One year? Ten? Twenty? Forty? Small-college basketball coach Matt Cooper is about to find out as he is faced with an unexpected reunion with Kim Gustafson, the cutest girl from high school. With warm humor and a light touch, Another Life probes the weighty mat ... Read More about
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When Lillian Daniel apologized to a total stranger for every bad thing that had ever been said or done in the name of Christianity, he was surprised that she was responsible for all that. "The Inquisition? Don't even raise it, I'm way ahead of you. I was mad about it before you even heard of it, tha ... Read More about
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Come along with Jodie Toohey as she hikes some of the trails in eastern Iowa's and northwestern Illinois' state parks. Part guidebook, part memoir, this collection of park descriptions and poems will take you on a beautiful, nature-filled journey through the Midwest and mid-life. ... Read More about
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Virginia Tranel
Current price: $19.95
BENITA: prey for him is the true story of bright, vivacious Benita Kane and the Catholic priest who lured her from childhood into a disastrous, twenty-year entanglement that changed the course of her life. What happened to this fatherless girl in the hierarchical, patriarchal world of Dubuque, Iowa ... Read More about
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James E. Graham
Current price: $27.99
In some ways the South Hill Rascals is a reminder of Tom Sawyer. It has been said that all modern American literature comes from Samuel Clemen's "Huckleberry Finn." Mark Twain actually grew up in Hannibal, Missouri on the Mississippi River. Unlike St. Petersburg, the fictional Mississippi River town ... Read More about