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Local Kids Authors

Stacy Berning-Bowman
Current price: $9.99
Love makes a family, no matter where you start. Whether you are born into one or "Chosen from the Heart." ... Read More about
Jeanette Hopkins
Current price: $16.95
No description available.
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Arthur Geisert (Created by)
Current price: $14.95
In this follow up to the magnificently inventive Ice, Arthur Geisert once again charms us with his porcine world. This time his pigs must get creative when a volcano destroys their home. Fortunately they got busybefore trouble hit by planting a huge mysterious seed, for it's the seed plus imaginatio ... Read More about
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Adam Wacker
Current price: $17.95
When Landis chooses shiny, red rainboots for his birthday present, instead of a toy; he had no idea what would happen next. Landis had always wondered what it would be like to talk to animals, and on his birthday he gets more than he ever imagined. Join Landis on an adventure of learning. As the ani ... Read More about
Alina Crow
Current price: $18.95
Poetry and illustrations with a religious focus on children as gifts or angels. ... Read More about
Have you ever seen a John Deere tractor? John Deere's farm equipment brand is famous around the world, but it wasn't an easy path to turn his ideas into reality. Readers will love learning the story behind the name as they follow along with John's beginnings as a blacksmith, obstacles in business, a ... Read More about