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Regional Interest

Why were so many Americans unprepared for COVID-19's financial fallout? Within weeks or months, it eviscerated their earnings, savings, credit, investments, and insurance. The pandemic's terrible effects will be felt in millions of households for years. But it didn't affect everyone's financial well ... Read More about
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Susan Miller Hellert
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Poised on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, Dubuque provided a vital entry point for westward expansion. Explorers, Native Americans, fur traders, lead miners and pilgrims all played a part in the little-known history of Iowa's Driftless Region. It was Dubuque that contributed the first mil ... Read More about
Kevin Koch
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The Driftless Land, a collection of essays by Kevin Koch, is a search for the spirit of place among the bluffs, woodlands, and prairies of the Upper Mississippi River valley. The Midwest is commonly known for its flatlands, for oceans of corn pressing towards the horizon beneath a big sky. Lesser kn ... Read More about
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Kevin Koch
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In Irish Celtic lore, ""thin places"" are those locales where the veil between this world and the otherworld is porous, where there is mystery in the landscape. The earth takes on the hue of the sacred among peoples whose connection to place has remained unbroken through the ages. What happens, then ... Read More about
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Curt D. Meine (Editor)
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Ancient glaciers passed by the Driftless Area and waterways vein its interior, forming an enchanting, enigmatic landscape of sharp ridgetops and deep valleys. Across time, this rugged topography has been home to an astonishing variety of people: Sauk, Dakota, and Ho-Chunk villagers, Norwegian farmer ... Read More about
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Driftless Writing Center (Editor)
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New Work Collected by the Driftless Writing Center ... Read More about
John T. Tigges, James L. Shaffer
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Daily change in any city can be difficult to recognize. Although everyone notices when a building is razed, it is more challenging to identify the subtle alterations occurring regularly which make a city slightly different than it was the day before. It is for precisely this reason the authors have ... Read More about
John Tigges, James Shaffer
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The city of Dubuque, settled on the west side of the Mississippi River in 1833, has historically been home to four major railways and numerous trolleys and passenger trains. Dubuque's railroad legacy was precipitated by local resident John Plumbe Jr., "the Father of the Transcontinental Railroad," w ... Read More about
John Tigges, James Shaffer
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When talk began circulating in 1848 about the importance of railroads, the people of Cascade grew anxious. Without direct access to navigable rivers other than the Mississippi over 36 miles away, their community could very well fade from existence. They needed a railroad as soon as possible. The ide ... Read More about
John T. Tigges, James L. Shaffer
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Situated on the west bank of the Mississippi River, Dubuque, founded in 1833, is the oldest city in Iowa.The region was originally inhabited by the MesquakieIndians. Early settler Julien Dubuque was grantedpermission by the Mesquakie to work substantial leaddeposits south of the present city limits, ... Read More about
John Tigges, James L. Shaffer
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While the 19th century saw the incorporation and maturation of Dubuque, it was the 20th century that defined the oldest city in Iowa. With the 20th century came the industrialization and globalization of America. For the average citizen of Dubuque, America's rise to international superpower meant th ... Read More about
James L. Shaffer, John T. Tigges
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Named by Algonkian-speaking Indians, Mississippi can be translated as Father of Waters. The river, the largest in North America, drains 31 states and 2 Canadian provinces, and runs 2,350 miles from its source to the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi River is truly one of the great forces that has shap ... Read More about
Charline J. Barnes Ed D., Floyd Bumpers
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African Americans make up only a small minority of Iowa's population, but contrary to widespread belief, there is a very rich historical culture of African Americans throughout the state. This photographic history focuses on that heritage, and especially on ten Iowa cities with the largest African-A ... Read More about
Clint Farlinger (Photographer)
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Iowa residents Craig Farlinger and Mike Whye need no words to explain how incredible their home state isthe proof is in the 109 color photographs that make up their new book, Iowa: A Photographic Journey, available from Farcountry Press this fall. Working independently from Cresco and Council Bluff ... Read More about
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Iowans embraced aviation from its very beginning. In the late 1800s, Keokuk's Baldwin brothers headlined Lee County Chautauqua festivals with balloon ascensions. Two decades later, early powered-flight daredevils like Lincoln Beachey, Glenn Messer, and Eugene Ely thrilled huge crowds along the Missi ... Read More about
Edward McClelland
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Pittsburgh toilet, squeaky cheese, city chicken, shampoo banana, and Chevy in the Hole are all phrases that are familiar to Midwesterners but sound foreign to anyone living outside the region. This book explains not only what Midwesterners say but also how and why they say it and covers such topics ... Read More about
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In 1849, news from California produced a strange alchemy in the region around Dubuque. Men used to the daily grind of the local lead mines felt a sudden fever for gold half a continent away. It was like a call to war, pulling the young men of the Midwest away to far-distant climes for an adventure a ... Read More about
Atop a scenic bluff overlooking the Mississippi River and downtown Dubuque there once lay a graveyard dating to the 1830s, the earliest days of American settlement in Iowa. Though many local residents knew the property had once been a Catholic burial ground, they believed the graves had been moved t ... Read More about
Diane Siebert
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A read-aloud picture book for young children that celebrates the heartland of our great country. Every country has a heart and America's is in those places where golden wheat waves in the breeze, where great rivers flow, and cornfields stretch across the plains in glorious patchwork quilts of green ... Read More about
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John Adelmann (Editor)
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The George W. Rogers & Co. ShotTower claims the distinction of being Dubuque's most recognizable and enduring landmark. And while it only operated intermittently from 1856 to 1862, the Shot Tower continues to serve as a reminder of America's vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of the mid-1800s. To pr ... Read More about
Daniel Pearson Ernst Jd
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The combined diaries of Alfred Pearson, U.S. minister to Poland and Finland, and his daughter Thea Elaine, who served as her father's diplomatic hostess abroad, put a personal spin on the relationship between Poland, Finland and the U.S. in the exciting years between the two world wars. ... Read More about
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Bert Tranel
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An Iowa farmer's memoir. ... Read More about
Robert F. Klein
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A new, full length biography of Julien Dubuque has been long overdue. Dubuque author, Robert F. Klein, presents a fully researched and documented study of the life of this Iowa pioneer who deserves a much greater reputation than he has so far achieved. This first white settler in Iowa lived in harmo ... Read More about